Doubles is an exciting POP up performance where contemporary dance and Ping Pong combine. The project encourages communities to come together to enjoy art, sport and healthy living. The highly physical piece aims to surprise passerbys and encourage them to join the pop up ping pong party!

The colourful and quirky performances of Doubles popped up 7 times at 3 different locations on the 11th, 12th and 13th of August 2017. The piece surprised and stopped the public who then eagerly joined in and took part in the fun and open event.

The pilot of Doubles was a collaboration between Joe Garbett Dance and Ping!England supported by Studio Wayne McGregor and Redbridge Drama Centre as part of East London Dance's dance enterprise ideas fund.

Watch out for the promo soon! In the mean time click the button below to read Joe's interview with or have a look at the photos by Elinor Lewis.

" No.Company. has the quality of an improvisation — albeit within restrictions — with the refreshing continuity of a spontaneous conversation replete with asides, pauses, connecting gestures and phrases" Writing about dance: Nicholas Minns.

No.Company. is an ongoing project that tests and questions the rehearsal process that builds towards a final performance. No.Company. discovers the results of rehearsing alone. What happens when dancers instruct without physical practice and confirmations? The rehearsals for the final creation are described, discussed and practiced via instant messaging and sending text documents between two collaborators. The performance unites the process and the choreographers nationally and internationally. 

'The project is a direct reaction to art sectors cuts. I naturally was frustrated by how hard it was to arrange space and time with other artists and realised the only date we needed to physically be together to ensure our ideas were shared with an audience/the public was the performance date...' 

No.Company. is a project that empowers artists by encouraging them to engage with creation in an accessible way that does not demand finance, travel or time. 

The project is the start of wider research into the process of rehearsing with the aim to question why the set up of rehearsals are so similar when projects are so personal and unique. 

A precise and luring conversation between the body and technology.

Concept, Choreography and animation: Joe Garbett 

Technical support: Ben Bowley

Funded by Take Art in Somerset, Decimal  is a dance for film that worked with young dancers from Taunton to create choreography upon the animation and score edited by Joe Garbett.  

Decimal was selected for U.Dance 2014 in Nottingham and has since screened at theatres and festivals.

Assume Nothing. 

So much of what we see and consume is filtered and edited. BLCK+WHT tests what an onlooker assumes when watching a final product. 

Choreographed and Performed by:  Joe Garbett

Technical Support: Ben Bowley and Harry Moorcroft

Special thanks / support:  Tacchi Morris Arts Centre and The Space, Taunton. 

Funded by Take Art in Somerset, BLCK+WHT  is a dance for film with the aim  to   reach   out   to    students   in   the   Somerset   area   giving    them    the   rare   opportunity to operate high quality equipment  ready   to    use.  With the support of a professional theatre technician the chosen student has control over the filming, composition and editing of the choreography.  

The body is a Flock made of bone, muscle and skin that must move as one. If we follow the easiest options at the start does it affect the organisation of the flock at the end. 

Choreographed and Concept by: Joe Garbett

Composer and score: London Symphony Orchestra/Maxim Boon - Kintsukuroi Movement. 

O’Neill/Ross in partnership with the London Symphony Orchestra collaborated topresent Flock, an evening of new immersive dance set to music by award-winning composer and LSO Soundhub artist Maxim Boon.  Featuring new choreography by Joe Garbett, Mari Frogner and Tim Casson, with interactive video design by Simon Allen, Flock is the culmination of a year of development and creative collaboration between Boon, Casson and performance designer Helen Scarlett O’Neill, whose previous credits include productions for Secret Cinema and The London Contemporary Orchestra.

Taking inspiration from the beautiful, sculptural formations of Starlings, known as murmurations, Flock explores the idea of nature reclaiming an urban space, being part of a collective or being lost in the crowd and what happens when you try to tame the untamable.  Featuring live music performed by soloists from the London Symphony Orchestra, London Sinfonietta and Ensemble Modern, Flock is set within a gorgeous and atmospheric extremity of the Royal College of Music.

Artistic director:  Cornelia Voglmayr

Choreography:  Cornelia Voglmayr, Joe Garbett and Anna Borràs                           

Composer:  Anthony Gustav Morris   

Special thanks / support: Jasmin Vardimon Company, Stour Centre Studios in Ashford, Kent (United Kingdom)

Three sections

Three different discussions 

during a relationship with

three different opinions expressed

To celebrate 10 years of Taunton Youth Dance Company, Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre (supported through Pavillion Dance South West’s Co-investment Scheme) commissioned a new piece of dance by former company members to tour schools and colleges and perform at theatres across the Somerset. Coverage was a collaboration of experiences and ideas that has been formed from three different dance training routes. Reuniting three former TYDC members promoted local dance and their experiences having began their own training in Somerset.  

Choreographed and Performed by: Joe Garbett, Jennifer Grant and Felicity Kerr